Quality Control Tools and Techniques http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky <p class="rteleft">Subjects: Subjects of the “Quality Control Tools and Techniques” journal include the following sections:<br>- methods and means of non-destructive testing;<br>- measurement of physical and chemical parameters of substances;<br>- methods and devices for measuring flows of liquid and gaseous phases;<br>- methods and means of controlling technological parameters,</p> <p class="rteleft">- mathematical modelling for the undestroyed control problems.</p> <p>The “ Quality Control Tools and Techniques ” journal publishes review and research articles that are dedicated to these subjects (but are not limited only by them).</p> Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas en-US Quality Control Tools and Techniques 1993-9981 VISUALLY-MEASURABLECONTROL OF EXTENDED METAL CONSTRUCTION USING MOBILE MAGNETIC SYSTEM http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/431 <p><em>It is offered to apply for the visual-measuring precision control the extended metal construction the measuring video camera, the laser gauge of width seam shape, the equipment for the analysis and image processing, the wireless information for tha making decision concerning the problematic zones. The tools to control and the equipment for the local stressed state and deformation are located on the magnetic platforms. </em></p> В. А. Троицкий ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-04-18 2018-04-18 1 40 5 14 THE HATEROGENEITY ANALYSIS METHOD AND ALGORITHM IMPROVEMENT IN THE MEDIUM USING THE ACOUSTIC WAVE http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/432 <p>An acoustic method is developed, which allows to predict the distribution of an acoustic field in an environment with heterogeneity. Theoretical substantiation for calculation of acoustic wave parameters is presented. The approach of interaction of an acoustic wave with heterogeneity in the form of an ellipsoid is calculated by the finite element method in the software COMSOL. The results of the calculation are presented in the form of graphs.</p> І. З. Лютак З. П. Лютак ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-02 2018-05-02 1 40 15 21 THE SURFACE ACOUSTIC WAVE VELOCITY DISTRIBUTION DETERMINATION METHOD ON THE STEEL SAMPLE SURFACE http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/433 <p><em>The method of determination of velocity distribution of surface acoustic waves in solid has been proposed using </em><em>piezoelectric transducer composed from two rigidly jointed wedges. The technique allows to optimize the resolution and sensitivity of the measurements depending on the velocity distribution at the surface. The criteria of the resolution selection at the certain area of the object under testing has been considered. </em><em>Method has been illustrated in case of velocity distribution determination of acoustic waves at the surface of the plastically deformed steel specimen. </em></p> В. Р. Скальський О. М. Мокрий ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-07 2018-05-07 1 40 22 28 THE DEVICE TO INVESTIGATE THE STRUCTURAL CHEMGES IN THE METAL CONSTRUCTIONS USING THE RELATIVE REDUCED FREQUENCY OF STRING SENSOR HURMONICS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/434 <p><em>A method of generation and digital processing of wideband diagnostic signals using relative normalized harmonic frequency for detection of changes in the metal structure is proposed. This approach provides invariance to temperature fluctuations by using the signal frequency ratio. As a result, measuring channel stability of diagnostic system can be increased.</em></p> Ю. Й. Стрілецький В. А. Ровінський О. В. Євчук ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-13 2018-05-13 1 40 29 36 THE SOLID SURFACES LIQUIDS WETTING PROCESS COMPLEX EVALUATION http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/435 <p><em>An analysis of various methods for assessing the wettability of liquids when they are spread by the surface of a solid are carried out, their disadvantages are indicated. A method is considered in detail, based on the diffusion of droplets of liquids by a solid surface. he refined method of estimating the wetting ability of liquids is described, which allows to evaluate the wettability of liquids by the size of the spots of their dispersal droplets taking into account the influence of density, viscosity and evaporation of liquids.</em></p> В. В. Лопатін ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-18 2018-05-18 1 40 37 41 THE GAS PUMP UNIT CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER WORKING REGIMES ANALIYSIS WHEN THE FLOW RATEV IN THE NETWORK USING THE FUZZY LOGIC METHODS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/436 <p><em>By means of descriptions of blow-off valve, gas-dynamic descriptions of centrifugal supercharger, descriptions of executive mechanism and model of dynamics of supercharger the simulation model of centrifugal supercharger of gascompressor unit is worked out. On the basis of the worked out simulation model of centrifugal supercharger the analysis of the modes of operations of centrifugal supercharger of gascompressor unit is carried out at the changes of expense in a network.</em></p> А. І. Лагойда ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-17 2018-05-17 1 40 42 48 THE TWO-STAGE SEPARATION PROCESS AUTOMATICAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IMITATION MODEL IN THE CONDITION OF MYKULICHIN OIL PUMP STATION http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/437 <p><em>The process of separation is an important stage in the preparation of oil for transportation of its main pipelines to consumers. For the separation of gas from oil used sealed separation systems.</em></p> <p><em>The analysis of literary sources showed that such models were created only for separate devices. In the two-stage separation there is a relationship and mutual influence between the processes of the first and second stages of separation. On the basis of the developed mathematical model of two-stage oil separation, identification of the parameters was made, which made it possible to create an imitation model for the first and second stages of separation. The numerical method studied in MatLab's simulation model can be used to synthesize effective control systems of the two-stage separation process and to create mathematical models in terms of "input-output"</em><em>.</em></p> <p><em>The obtained simulation model can serve as the basis for the synthesis of effective control systems for the process of two-stage separation.</em></p> Д. Д. Поварчук ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-13 2018-05-13 1 40 49 57 THE PATENT PROTECTED SOLUTIONS IN THE FIELD OF THE NATURAL GAS COMBUSTION HEAT DETERMINING http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/438 <p><em>The principles of creation, technical capabilities and features of practical application of patented domestic and foreign methods and technical solutions for determining the calorific value of natural gas combustion by direct and indirect methods are considered. Their technical essence and peculiarities of functioning are revealed, suitability for use in real conditions directly in consumers of natural gas is substantiated. Proposed patent protected new method for express determination of calorific value of natural gas combustion by direct method. The functional scheme of the device for realization of this method is developed, which involves measuring the temperature of the combusted gas in a special design burner with the use of end-point measuring converters at the outflow of the gas under investigation in the process of combustion. The algorithm of functioning and design features of the device, which provide the possibility of its use as a mobile means for express determination of the calorific value of combustion of natural gas is presented.</em></p> Н. М. Малісевич О. Є. Середюк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-25 2018-05-25 1 40 58 69 THE NATURAL GAS SUPERCHARGER FLOW SECTOIN TECHNICAL STATE ESTIMATION SYSTEM BASED ON FUZZY LOGIC http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/439 <p><em>Using the existing object fuzziness, the estimation system of </em><em>the </em><em>volute</em><em> technical state</em> <em>of the two-stage centrifugal compressor, consisting of separate modules, has been developed.</em> <em>The </em><em>experimental verification</em><em> of this system has been done one month before the overhaul of the two-stage </em><em>centrifugal compressor on the compressor station "Progress" and the month after it. Based on the rule&nbsp;base and data processing, it was concluded that the volute technical state of the two-stage centrifugal compressor 650-21-2 was acceptable. This result coincided with the real state of the compressor</em>.</p> В. М. Гарасимів Т. Г. Гарасимів О. В. Мойсеєнко ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-22 2018-05-22 1 40 70 77 THE SOLAR PANELS OPERATION CHARACTERISTICS INVESTIGATION COMPUTERAZED STAND DESIGN AND METROLOGICAL ANALYSIS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/440 <p><em>The article is devoted to the development and metrological research of a computerized stand on the study of solar panel operation characteristics. The simplified scheme of a solar panel and servo drives connection is given, the process of produced power is described. An experiment with an algorithm for finding the solar panel position by maximal prosuced power, using the method of simple coordinate iteration was described. Further prospects for using the laboratory stand were listed. Calculation of uncertainty in measuring the power of generated current was done.</em></p> М. О. Слабінога Н. Б. Клочко А. Г. Винничук Я. І. Заячук ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-11 2018-05-11 1 40 78 81 THE THERMOCOUPLES SYSTEMATIC ERRORS UNMOUNTING CONTROL DEVICE http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/441 <p><em>The problems of using information technologies for monitoring the nonstationary nature of measurement signals are considered, which makes it possible to detect the multiplicative systematic errors of thermocouples. </em><em>The circuit realization of the device for the unmounting control of the systematic errors in thermocouples and the principle of its operation is given.</em></p> П. Ф. Щапов І. М. Коржов ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-22 2018-05-22 1 40 82 84 THE CYLINDRICAL HINGE ELEMENTS STRESS-STRAINED STATE SIMILIARITY CRITERION http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/442 <p><em>The cylindrical hinge finite elements two dimensional parametrical model has been constructed. The cylindrical hinge stress strained state testing has been realized in the wide range of the geometrical and force model parameters changing. It was shown possibility and advisability to use the criteria similiarity to forecast the such constructions stress-strained state. The similiarity criteria has been proposed. The limitation to make a possible the analytical solution for the two cylinder contact problems (the contact problem of Herth-Beliaev) has been revealed.</em></p> Я. Б. Сторож ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-29 2018-05-29 1 40 85 96 THE ORTOGONAL TRANSFORMATION APPLICATION EFFICIENCY BASED ON THE TERNARY SYMMETRICAL FUNCTIONS FOR THE DIGITAL INFORMATION PROCESSING http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/443 <p><em>The paper deals with properties analysis of effectiveness criteria for application of orthogonal transforms in information systems. A set of criteria is built based on the performed analysis and it is used for estimation of application effectiveness of orthogonal transform based on symmetric ternary functions in systems of digital information processing. Estimation of application effectiveness of this transform is performed in comparison with Walsh-Hadamard and Haar transforms using the built set of criteria. The results of the performed effectiveness analysis are used to form the recommendations for application of the synthesized transform in technical systems.</em></p> А. В. Ізмайлов ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-11 2018-05-11 1 40 97 104 THE EXPLOITATION PROCESS PIPELINE CHARACTERISTICS FORCE FACTORS INFLUENCE MATHEMATICAL SIMULATION http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/444 <p><em>The pipeline’s section torsion and the section deformation praesses mathematical simulation has been conducted to discover one’s influence on the pipeline’s stressed condition. The section form change influence features on the pipeline through put and deformation character has been investigated and studied.</em></p> А. П. Олійник Б. С. Незамай І. В. Рибіцький ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-03 2018-05-03 1 40 105 107 THE COMPUTER TECHNICAL STATE ESTIMATION METHOD DESIGN BASED ON THE SYSTEM EVENT ANALYSIS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/445 <p><em>In the article the method of an estimation of a computer condition on the basis of the analysis of system events of operating system Windows 10 is offered.</em> <em>The analysis of system events was performed in the normal mode and when the system was infected by viruses such as PetyaA and WannaCry. Based on the statistics of the parameters of the operating system events, regularities was found that describe the state of the operating system. The obtained statistics provided an opportunity to build a set of associative rules for detecting computer viruses. To accumulate system events and for their further analysis, anti-virus application are built. To quickly search for each factor of virus activity in an antivirus application, a hash table was used. The developed software allowed us to identify the infection factors described in this article and block the execution of the virus process</em></p> С. Ю. Гавриленко І. В. Шевердін ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-11 2018-05-11 1 40 108 114 THE DEFECTATION TASK AND MARKING DECISION CRITERIA UNDER THE UNCERTAINITY CONDITIONS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/446 <p><em>In the article the structure of the decision-making system and the model of the decision-making process are formed. The peculiarities of problems of detecting deviations of technological processes from the normal operating mode under uncertainty conditions are analyzed. Based on the analysis of the B-criterion and the Neumann-Pearson criterion, functional structures of data processing devices implementing the procedure for verifying the likelihood ratio are developed. The advantages of the Neumann-Pearson criterion are proved.</em></p> В. Б. Кропивницька ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-03 2018-05-03 1 40 115 121 THE KEROSENE FRACTION HYDROFINING DEVICE MANAGEMENT COMPLEX SYSTEM ANALYSIS http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/447 <p><em>The work is devoted to the research of the actual scientific and practical problem, which consists in the systematic analysis of the complex control complex for the hydrocleaning of the kerosene fraction and the formalization of new formulations of the tasks of multi-criteria selection and the adoption of an optimal solution in the management of the installation work, the development of scientifically substantiated effective methods for their solution based on the application of mathematical methods. modeling, which will allow to obtain transient characteristics for a multidimensional automatic control system from the unit one-dimensional</em> <em>circuits and on the basis of mathematical models of objects to perform synthesis of automatic control.</em></p> О. В. Кучмистенко М. Ю. Вознюк ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-14 2018-05-14 1 40 122 131 THE STRESSED STATE DETERMINATION FOR THE DRUM TUBE AND BONDAGE DURING THE DRYING AGGREGATES http://mpky.nung.edu.ua/index.php/mpky/article/view/448 <p><em>The drum convective dryer and bandage optimal construction calculation problem is considered, which allows to receive the effective solution of one’s combined work problem. The task of choosing the such value of bandage layer thickness is solved to satisfy the defined strength characteristics it allows to prevent the bandage layer destroying and to choose the bandage material for the compensation of thermal stresses, which appears in the pipe material in the greet temperature gradients zones.</em></p> Г. В. Григорчук Л. І. Григорчук ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-05-12 2018-05-12 1 40 132 136