METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL <p class="rteleft">Subjects: Subjects of the “Quality Control Tools and Techniques” journal include the following sections:<br>- methods and means of non-destructive testing;<br>- measurement of physical and chemical parameters of substances;<br>- methods and devices for measuring flows of liquid and gaseous phases;<br>- methods and means of controlling technological parameters,</p> <p class="rteleft">- mathematical modelling for the undestroyed control problems.</p> <p>The “ Quality Control Tools and Techniques ” journal publishes review and research articles that are dedicated to these subjects (but are not limited only by them).</p> en-US (Олійник А. П) Wed, 26 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 OJS 60 THE BULDING A KNOWLEDGE BASE AND ITS INTERNAL RULES FOR AN EXPERT SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSTIES A GAS PUMPING UNIT <p>The article proposes the development of an expert diagnostic system, namely, the construction of a knowledge base and internal rules for assessing the condition of the gas pumping unit by the parameters of vibration. The choice of environment for the implementation of the expert system was carried out. On the basis of the performed researches of failures and defects of the gas pumping unit, the method of diagnosing those defects were proposed, and also the conditions to determine the normal state of the functioning of the installation were formulated. When developing the expert system, a general structure, the construction of a knowledge database, and the construction of internal rules for the diagnosis of the gas pumping unit were proposed. The rules of construction of the expert systems with variable values ​​were considered. The determination of the technical condition of the unit using vibration parameters is made both by the content of the relevant information at the time, and on the basis of analysis of its change over the time. An expert system was offered that provides an analysis of transitional states of control objects, also describes the knowledge base and the number of rules that are used for conclusions of the expert system.</p> N. G. Shyrmovska, G. I. Levitska, Ya. I. Zayachuk, I. R. Mykhajluk Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Tue, 25 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE SOLAR PANELS POWER CHANGE DEPENDING ON FROM THE MUTUAL BURNER CUT MODELING <p>The paper analyzes the current state and prospects of research in the field of mathematical modeling of technological processes in the context of solar energy. The physical and mathematical models of solar panels were considered, as well as the theoretical bases of energy conversion in solar panels, which are the basis for the principle of their functioning, were considered.</p> <p>On the basis of the analysis carried out, a mathematical model of the dependence of the power of the solar panel on the angle of rotation was developed. The developed model takes into account the ambient temperature, the temperature received by the panel during operation, the effect of wind on the temperature of the panel, as well as the influence of time of day, day of the year, angles of the panel relative to the sun, the possibilities of environmental reflection. Also, this model takes into account the influence of the characteristics of the panel itself, and its auxiliary elements of functioning, on the power received by the consumer. In the work, an approbation of this mathematical model was carried out, the results of which indicate the possibility of its application for modeling the functioning of the panel under various environmental characteristics. The corresponding software for generating experimental data on the strength of the current produced from the angle of the panel, the position of the sun, the meteorological conditions, the reflecting properties of the surface, t. The conclusions are formulated and further perspectives on the use of such mathematical and software solutions for solving scientific and practical problems are determined.</p> M. O. Slabinoga, Yu. M. Kuchirka, О. S. Krynytskyi, N. M. Yurkiv Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Thu, 22 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE MOBILE CONTROL SYSTEM STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION <p>Mining and oil and gas enterprises of Ukraine exploit potentially dangerous equipment of various manufacturers located on the verge of resource development. This requires the creation of methods and means of technological control in accordance with regulatory and legal acts and industry standards. The most promising means of technological control in the mining and oil and gas industries are mobile control systems (MSC). The main task of the MSC is to equip consumers who service equipment of potentially hazardous industries with reliable compact non-destructive testing and monitoring tools adapted to a specific facility. Which can detect the reaction of the controlled object to external disturbing effects, determine the limitations and prohibitions necessary for the normal further operation of the monitoring object.</p> <p>As a rule, MСS equipment is formed from serial measuring converters, devices and sensors, which is dictated by a specific object in the mining or oil and gas industries. Informational and constructive compatibility in MCS is achieved by a special interface. Optimization and flexible integration of MСS schemes into a common structure for different initial conditions (structuring) is carried out by feedbacks that interact with other elements and influence the nature of the work of MCS in general. The contradictions of combining the structure of MCSs through mathematical modeling of a priori information are analyzed. General and heterogeneous components in the structure of MSC and measuring instruments are considered. Shown are common and distinctive functions and operations, when elements of the approximation of mathematical models are included directly in the MSC contour. The material presented gives a clear definition of MCS, its distinctive features from known technological control systems, the features of its research and ways to overcome the problems of controlling properties and processes in the operation of mining or oil and gas equipment.</p> V. V. Lopatin Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 10 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE METODOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THE IMPROVED METHOD OF THE ELASTOGRAPHY OF THE HUMEN THROID GLAND <p>The physical essence of the elastographic method of control and diagnostics of the state of the thyroid gland of a person is described. The main characteristics and criteria for conducting diagnosis are established. The factors influencing the authenticity of control are analyzed. Recommendations for improving the accuracy of control are given. Methodical uncertainty calculation has been carried out, which confirmed the high accuracy of the method of elastography.</p> L. A. Vytvitska, H. Z. Lavruk, O. R. Voevoda Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Tue, 18 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE LONG-THERM METAL STRUCTURES PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS ACOUSTIC CONTROL METHODS ANALYSIS <p>The article deals with the possibility of applying acoustic methods for controlling the change in the physical and mechanical characteristics of long-life metal structures. Various methods for excitation and reception of ultrasonic waves are also given: impedance; laser-phase, coherent. Particular attention is paid to the coherent method, which, due to the rapid development of computer technology, allowed to create the modern information and measurement devices - failure detectors based on ultrasonic&nbsp; &nbsp;field-induced phase grating (UFIPG). The advantages of UFIPG systems are shown including the possibility of their application to assess the change in the microstructure of metal structures material exploited under difficult conditions .</p> N. I. Chaban, O. M. Karpash, I. V. Rybitskyi, V. D. Myndiuk Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE HOUSEHOLD GAS METERS STATISTICAL INFORMATION MODELS INVESTIGATION <p>The relevance of the development and research of household gas meters (HGM) information models, based on the study of statistical patterns of changes in their metrological characteristics under operating conditions, is considered. The main informative parameter for statistical studies is the selected HGM error when measuring the gas volume at the minimum passport operating expenses, which is determined experimentally during periodic calibration of the HGM using reference calibration facilities. The principles of the formation of samples of HGM for statistical studies are disclosed. A metrological analysis of the results of statistical studies for membrane slant gauges of G4 and G6 sizes, models GALLUS (France), METRIX (Poland), SAMGAS (Ukraine) was carried out. Statistical regularities and quantitative values of changes in the errors of HGM are established, confirming the similarity of changes in the errors of HGM of various manufacturers after the completion of their verification period of operation. The absence of correlation between the change in the error of HGM in the flow range from the minimum to 20% of the maximum and in the second flow range - 20% from the maximum flow to the maximum is revealed. The histograms were constructed, reflecting the regularities of changes in membrane HGM, the error of which at the minimum flow rate varies from minus 30% to plus 3%. The number of the METRIX model G4 and G6 counters that are suitable for further operation after calibration is statistically estimated. A comparative analysis of the laws of change in the error for these sizes of counters has been carried out. The results of statistical studies of the error membrane HGM from the duration of their operation. The statistical regularities of the influence of the intensity of the functioning of membrane HGM are characterized according to the results of measured gas volumes during the intertest period.</p> O. Ye. Serediuk, A. G. Vynnychuk, D. O. Serediuk, O. S. Krynytskyi Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Thu, 20 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE INFLUENCE OF FLOODING WATER ON THE ENVIRONMENT ECOLOGICAL SECURITY <p>The questions of the consequences of flood events on the ecological situation in the region, the emergence of drought, epidemics of infectious diseases, landslides and avalanches in mountainous areas, as well as poor crops are considered. The analysis of modern scientific publications concerning the studied problem was conducted. The results of the study of flood phenomena on the example of the Prut river and their influence on various aspects of life in the Carpathian region are presented. A regression model is proposed for predicting the processes of formation and development of flood phenomena, their level of intensity and duration. Model calculations are carried out and an analysis of their results is presented.</p> О. І. Beley, S. Ya. Petriv, О. Yu. Mirzoeva, R. B. Stasiuk Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 01 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE PROBLEM OF COMPUTER NETWORK MULTI-CRITERIAN OPTIMIZATION SOLVING METHOD <p>The optimization model of computer network update is proposed. This model takes into account such parameters as the cost of the update, bandwidth, bounce rate, and classified as a multi-criteria problem. To solve this problem, it is proposed to use the method of quasi-optimization of local cybernetics. To reduce the local problems, the simplex method was used.</p> О. V. Mojseenko Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Mon, 10 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0300 THE WELL BORING AS A COMPLEX SYSTEM WITH MULTIPLY CRITERIA OF PROCESSES <p>The process of drilling oil and gas mining holes is examined as a difficult system with the made structure, heterogeneous subsystems and elements with the multicriterion estimations of processes that flow in her. It is shown that objective functions of separate subsystems, id est local objective functions do not coincide with the global objective function of the system. Therefore research of the system "well-boring", as an object of automation has a row of certain features, as a result of incomplete information about general conformities to law of process of the drilling. It offers during formalization of such difficult system to use a linguistic model, in that quality information is given as verbal description.</p> V. B. Kropyvnytska Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 10 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE EXPERIMENTAL DETERMINATION OF THE EQUIVALENT COEFFICIENT OF HEAT TRANSMITTERS <p>The coefficient of thermal conductivity as one of heat transfer parameters is investigated. This option is cataloged for most building materials. This makes it easy to determine the amount of heat transmitted through the building mantle. It is much more difficult to calculate the amount of heat transferred for premises, the walls of which are made of different materials, which makes their heat conducting surfaces heterogeneous. In addition, the calculation is complicated when the temperature along the surface is non-uniform. The definition of the equivalent heat conduction coefficient for a certain camera is proposed. The coefficient of equivalent heat conductivity allows&nbsp; to calculate the value of the transferred heat by multiplying it by the total surface area of the camera walls. An experimental method for determining the equivalent coefficient of thermal conductivity is proposed. A theoretical analysis of the determination of the error of the equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient based on the uncertainty theory in the measurements is carried out.</p> Mariusz Rzasa, О. Ye. Serediuk Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 01 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE AERODINAMIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE BLADES OF THE DRYING UNIT AND ITS TECHNOLOGICAL FANS ASSESSING SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT <p>A system for estimating the aerodynamic characteristics of shovels and blades of the technical equipment of sugar production is proposed. The coordinate system choosing was made, the flowing around profile mathematical model is given,&nbsp; the integral equation of the second type were given to estimate the flow velocity tangential component, the numerical method of one’s solution is given, the corresponding software was made. The testing calculations for the modeling elliptical profile under the different angle of attack, the good correlation between the results of different method of calculation was showed. The areas of the future using of method was determined.</p> G. V. Grigorchuk, А. P. Oliinyk Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 01 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF HERMETICITY PNEUMATIC SYSTEM IN INSTALLATIONS OF THE FIELD WITH REFERENCE GAS METERS <p>As a result of the conducted studies, a mathematical model of airtightness of the pneumatic system in installations with reference gas meters was obtained. With the help of the obtained dependences, it is possible to determine the permissible value of the pressure change in the pneumatic system during the passage of the reference volume of gas during the calibration of gas meters. The permissible volume change is determined due to the leakproofness of the pneumatic system of the installation and gas meters, which does not affect the reliability of the results of the gas counters verification. That is, in choosing this norm, it is necessary to consider: the control volume which will be passed through the gas meter at its verification; checking time, pressure in the pneumatic system of the installation when checking the gas meters, the permissible value of the error of the gas meters and the installation.</p> М. S. Andruk, V. S. Voshchynskyi Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sat, 01 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE NEW SOLUTION OF THE CANONICAL PROBLEM SCATTERING OF WAVEGUIDE MODES ON A CIRCULAR CONDUCTING CYLINDER <p>By the method of product fields, generalized to matrix scattering operators, a strict solution to the problem of diffraction modes on inductive and capacitive pins in a rectangular waveguide is obtained. The square interaction region of the mod, which contains the conducting cylinder, is considered as a common part of several auxiliary regions that allow the separation of variables in the wave equation. In this area of communication, the complex amplitude of the field is represented as a superposition of cylindrical waves generated by the pin and wave modes that extend from the plane boundary surfaces. The application of matrix operator technology results in a mathematical model in the form of an operator transform (such as the "rules for drawing up tangents") for a generalized scattering matrix. The correctness of the resulting matrix model and the unconditional convergence of projective approximations to an exact solution are proved analytically. The results of numerical research of the coefficient of reflection of the main waveguide mode for capacitive pin in the wide range of frequency variation and geometry of the. communication domain are presented.</p> A. V. Semenchuk, І. V. Petrusenko, Ya. V. Chumachenko Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Sun, 02 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200 THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE SOLAR PANELS POWER CHANGE FROM BURNING INVESTIGATION <p>In this work, software was developed to study the change in the power of solar panels from the angle of incidence of solar light, which is an urgent task in solving the problem of improving the efficiency of the means of generating "green" electricity, in particular solar power plants. For this, the problem of researching the effectiveness of using solar panels in a fixed position and on a mobile mount was analyzed, and the purpose and objectives of the study were formed. The means for the implementation of the software have been selected and their advantages are given for solving this task. Experiments were conducted to study the dependence of the power produced by the solar panel current, depending on the position of the solar panel, the algorithm of the software is given. The obtained results were processed in order to obtain a filtered graphic image presented as a matrix of values. For this purpose, methods of filtering the values ​​of the matrix from misses and smoothing local maxima are compared. Also, interpolation methods were used to process the processed images to a specified size. The final result is given in the form of surface patterns based on matrix values. Further prospects for applying the obtained data to solving scientific and practical problems in the field of solar energy are formulated and areas for further research are given. The results of the work will be used in further studies comparing the effectiveness of using solar panels in a fixed position and on a movable mount.</p> M. О. Slabinoga, N. V. Klochko, A. G. Vynnychuk, S. P. Sapa Copyright (c) 2018 METHODS AND DEVICES OF QUALITY CONTROL Mon, 10 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +0200