Radiation monitoring of steel structures and trunk pipelines


  • V. A. Troitckiy INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC WELDING NAMED AFTER Є.О. PATON; 01030, Kyiv, Volodymyrska, 54




radiation control, trunk pipeline, magnetic platforms, x-ray machines.


The possibility of arranging x-ray machines and solid-state radioscopic transducers on magnetic platforms is shown. This makes radiation monitoring mobile and more informative. The principles of constructing such equipment and its application for various welded joints of complex metal structures and pipelines instead of film radiography are described. Portable radioscopy (X-ray television) using mobile X-ray machines and CCD detectors will expand the scope of flaw detection in industry. Portable radioscopic detectors manufactured at the EO Paton Electric Welding Institute are described, the cost of which is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of standard large-panel industrial converters. Conclusions are given based on the results of work, in particular, it is noted that new technological capabilities in industrial radiation monitoring open up when the R-apparatus and R-transducers are independently moved over the surface of the object under study, each of which can occupy a more informative position for assessing the quality of the transillumination zone, and the internal real-time discontinuity can be considered from different angles; information is provided that with the advent of highly sensitive video cameras, it became possible to Press radioscopic low-cost, sensitive fluorographic screen converters. The cost of such devices is the smallest among the considered solutions and it does not depend much on the format and size of the R-converter. It is also indicated that mobile fluoroscopy (X-ray television) using mobile R-devices and R-sensors is more informative, portable, requires less time and material resources, fits more easily into the basic technological procedures for manufacturing mechanisms and structures than technologies with intermediate storage media .


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