• I. Z. Lyutak Institute of information technology, ІFNTUOG
  • Z. P. Lyutak Institute of information technology, ІFNTUOG
  • A. V. Khamurda Institute of information technology, ІFNTUOG




ultrasonic control methods, pipelines, web-oriented systems


The paper presents the development of an approach to control the presence of inclusions inside steel pipelines of small, medium and large diameters by ultrasonic guided acoustic symmetric and antisymmetric modes of zero or first order. The approach created as a control system with distributed parameters. The distributed parameters of the control system are ultrasonic primary transducers and transmitters of the radio signal received by the primary transducers. Due to the peculiarities of the propagation of directional ultrasonic waves at a distance from several meters to tens of meters, one pair of primary transducers can control a significant part of the dangerous or potentially dangerous section of the pipeline. The dangerous section can be determined by geodetic measurements or by design documentation, such as air transitions or technological knees. The results of changing the propagation parameters of ultrasonic directional wave modes depending on the changes in the physical and mechanical parameters of the boundary to the walls of the pipelines are presented. It is found that symmetric and asymmetric modes react differently to changes in the environment, which allows to increase control accuracy and determining type of the environment (liquid or solid). The results are presented in the form of graphs and tables. The paper proposes to create a system based on a component approach, in order to unify parts of the system. It allows to realize the possibility of building it from parts of different manufacturers to increase its versatility and adaptation to the economic capabilities of the customer of such a control system. The components of the control system are the subsystems of primary ultrasonic transducers, information transmission and storage and processing. The paper presents an analysis of the transmission subsystem and proposes a wireless hierarchical structure taking into account the peculiarities of its operation at long distances and within settlements with a high level of radio signal noise. The data storage and processing component offered a software solution based on the Apache free license, which implements a file distribution system with high requirements for its data security and performance. The peculiarities of the proposed software solution, which allows the analysis of results using web technologies, have been analysed.


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